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100% Natural Gemstones & 100% Real gold Jewellery

Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm
Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm
Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm
Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm
Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm
Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm
Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm
Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm
Zoom 6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm

6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm

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Why not make this Natural Ametrine Cushion cut gemstone your next statement piece. At just under 7 carats do you think it could be a ring? Maybe a pendant?  

  • Stone Clarity: VVS
  • Gemstone: Ametrine
  • Carat Weight: 6.75
  • Approximate Dimensions: 11.80 x 11.00 x 7.90
  • Cut: Amazing Cushion Cut, Good lustre
  • Colour: Purple / Yellow
  • Origin: Bolivia
  • Hardness: 7.0
  • Treatment: No Treatment
  • Product Code: C1GEA675

Ametrine being what it is can be one of the February or November birthstones.  It is also recognised as the Zodiac stone for both Pisces and Cancer as well as celebrating the 6th & 13th wedding anniversaries.

It’s best to be worn on a Wednesday 😊

Ametrine is a naturally occurring variety of quartz that is pretty much only found in the Anahi mine in Bolivia. The different colours are due to the differing oxidisation state of iron within the crystal. The purple Amethyst segments are unoxidized while the yellow Citrine segments are oxidized.

Legend has it that a Spanish conquistador discovered the mine in the 1600’s and then introduced this masterpiece to his Queen. The mine was then given to him when he married a native princess named Anahi. Now this is legend as the mine was then lost for nearly 300 years until it was discovered again in the 1970’s. Keeping the legendary name the Anahi mine also produces both Amethyst and Citrine as well.


All our products and tested and 100% real gold and natural earth formed gemstones as described. No synthetics or gold plating practices are used by Kingfisher Jewellery, and we stand by our beautiful products and if not as described we offer a full refund of the paid price within 30 days.


We also offer jewellery making services on all of our gemstones if you are interested in turning them into a stunning piece of jewellery.


Your reviews are very important to us, and five-star reviews are greatly appreciated. If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us first before leaving a review and allow us to resolve any issues.

Customer Service

Being a small family business we here 7 days week and happy to help with any questions. We promise to get back to you ASAP. You can have your gemstones packaged in a beautiful leather display case with a reversable Black / White Cushion or the will we send in a bubble wrapped envelope and hard case.


All products come with a 12-month warranty, and we can also provide a certificate of authenticity for an additional cost. 

Natural Ametrine Cushion cut – 6.75 Ct VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm

6.75 Ct Natural Ametrine - VVS – 11.80 x 11.00mm



Will I need to wait for my piece?

We have all advertised pieces on hand and will ship the very next business day, once payment is received. Our fast service allows you to have your online purchase as fast as the courier can go.

How do I know the quality of the piece? 

Quality assurance is our utmost priority. All of our products are tested in-house both thermally and electronically so you have peace of mind the gemstones are real and as described on each product page.

Why are the pieces so cheap?

We are a family run online store. This allows us to keep our overheads to a minimum, and coupled with our buying practises we are able to offer you the best prices possible.

Can you find me something unique? 

Talk to us about your jewellery desires and we will go in search of your special item.


Fast shipping

Being a small business, we are quick is getting your next beautiful piece of jewellery on its way to you ASAP. All items are in stock so will express posted free of charge to anywhere within Australia the very next day. On the very rare occasion it may be two business days but once sent you will have it as fast as the post can go.

Order tracking

All of our stunning pieces are sent via express post requiring a signature regardless of whether it’s a small loose semi-precious stone or a diamond ring. We will email tracking numbers once posted. Feel safe in know you parcel is tracked from our door to yours. If you prefer you can also ask for it to be sent by courier at an extra cost.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We are here to answer your concerns about size, shipping, product knowledge, our business, bulk purchase opportunities, or any other questions you may have. Email us and we will get back to you within 24 Hours. At Kingfisher Jewellery it really is all about service.

About us

Kingfisher Jewellery is a family run business inspired by nature and the beauty of its elements - the oldest rainforests and the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland, Australia. It is from this beauty that the inspiration for our brand and products came about. We are dedicated to finding beautiful gemstones, rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets from all around the world. Our promise to you is to be transparent and honest about the quality of our jewellery, and to offer friendly, personalised service you will remember.


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