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100% Natural Gemstones & 100% Real gold Jewellery

Frequently Asked Questions


What does TCW mean?

TCW stands for 'Total Carat Weight'. When you add up all of the gemstones on a piece of jewellery or in a set, this equals the total weight of the combined stones. In the specifications tab we indicate the weight of each type of gemstone.

What is a carat?

A carat is the unit of measurement used to measure the weight of diamonds and other gemstones, as well as the purity of gold. 

When referring to gemstones the carat will indicate the weight of the stone. 

When referring to rose, white or yellow gold, the carat tells you how much metal is in a particular piece, as a percentage. Pure gold, for example, is designated 24K, while 10K gold is around 41.6 percent gold. Often in jewellery 10K and 14K gold is harder than 24K thus better suited for everyday wear.


Kingfisher Jewellery makes it easy for you to tell whether we are talking about gemstone carats or gold carats - when referring to a gemstone, we will use carat or total weight (TCW); when referring to gold, we will always use “K” for percentage of gold.

What’s a cultured freshwater pearl?

Cultured freshwater pearls are made by inserting a seed (typically a round bead made of mother pearl) into a freshwater mollusc. After three years of growing, the pearl is harvested for sale. These pearls are different to natural pearls that have no human interference in their growth.

What does it mean when gemstones are heated?

Gemstones are often created in nature under heat and pressure. Gemstone can be artificially heated to continue this process to create better and more stable colours resistant to fading. This is a common practice for coloured stones.

What is the difference between natural and lab-created gemstones?

Natural gemstones are mined from the earth and then beautifully cut and polished. Lab-created gemstones are made in a laboratory under pressure which often results in better clarity than natural stones. We will always clearly indicate if a stone is natural or lab-created.

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